3-hour Illinois Security Contractor/Detective Exam Prep Workshop

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Now is an exciting time for security and investigations professionals in Illinois! With the recent passage of adult use cannabis laws, and the expansion of gambling there are many opportunities ahead. Of course, the first step is to pass the test and get licensed.  

After every test I hear from folks who passed their test and some who failed their test. I've also heard from folks who've taken the test multiple times and still failed it. Many folks have taken their test and failed by just a few questions. Ouch!

The state of Illinois test is "infamous" across the country for being unique and difficult. The test is not "hard." It's not "physics or rocket science." However, there are some distinctions about the tests which make them test hard to pass.

For example, there are only 75 questions and answers. And you need a 70% to pass. To assist them I'm offering a 3-hour workshop. During the workshop we'll review and share experiences (I failed the test on my first attempt), the test sources, test-taking strategies, test prep methods, and more.

If you bought my materials this workshop is free. If interested, let me know. I'll reserve a seat for you. The workshop is Saturday, February 15th, 2020, 10a-1p in my Geneva office.  

And remember, Every Question and Answer Matters!

Any questions, contact Paladin "Pj" Jordan at 312.600.0311.

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