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Join date: Jan 7, 2021

I'm Pj Jordan Sr's son that he decided to throw to the wolves because he was sexually assaulting me and didn't want to admit it when I questioned his weak ass. He uses private investogators to follow me and watch me have sex, watch me engage in adult recreational substance use and all my other activities. After he watches he deletes the entire discovery of my 95% productive and powerful life.

Please see:

Http:// for my version of the story that he leaves out. Excuse my anger and vigor. But when an elderly parent takes advantage of an adult in their prime - shit aint always cute and respectful!

You can also see more evidence of his weak ass private investigating skills on my twitter:

You can also follow my yputube where I embarass law enforcement and private investigators daily just because I'm an honest man with integrity who elevates higher than their criminal bullshit.

Of course you're still going g to sign up for his company to take advantage of me and to ruin your life. I advise you don't though. He's a weak ass man that can't do shit besides denigrate my hard and honest earned name. But guess what I'm still here and all this faggot (SAID WITH ALL DERROGATORY MEANING) cam do is cry that I'm a drug addict and that he needs help to manage me!

Oh yeah, that niqqa got Donald Trump's ass to sign my death warrant. And I'm literally still here faggot!

Pal Jr.
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