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The Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc is a general investigations and training firm which assists clients with compelling situations. 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: 


 1.) Why is the Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc (PJDA) in busniess?

- To help Truth Seekers find answers and solutions. 

 2.) Why do I do it?

- I’m a private detective because my dream is to use my strengths, skills, and experience to help others - especially Underdogs. 

 3.) Why does my work stand out from others who do what I do?

- My work stands out because I am devoted to helping Underdogs.


     Ever since I was 5 years old my dream was to be an astronaut, play for the Chicago Cubs, or become a police officer who would inspire, support, and advocate for others---against bullies. In other words, my work stands out because it's not work. It's my passion!

4.) What do you like most about your job?

- The thing I like most about my profession is being a person who has control of over my destiny. My desire is to have a destiny that allows me to use my experience, skills, personality, and creativity to assist others.


    For example, I love teaching and I love investigations. So, I have created and offer investigations-related prep classes, murder mystery events and junior detective workshops to teach others what it's like to be a real detective. My goal is to use these opportunities to teach others in a fun and entertaining way what it's like to be a detective.


5.) What questions do customers most commonly ask?

- Potential customers always ask me about my rates and fees.

My answer is always "It depends." My fee is based on the answers to the following questions:


   1. What specific services do you need? Sometimes the prospective client does not know what they need (i.e., surveillance, evidence to support a gut feeling, locate a child support violator, etc.)


   2. What work has been done so far?   Conducting an investigation is like figuring out a puzzle-without access to all the pieces. Once I know which pieces we have, I can accurately assess the requirements for additional investigation and the costs.


Here's a rule of thumb for investigations: The more information we have at the beginning, the less expensive the investigation will be.


   3. What is your timetable and budget? Once I know your deadline (court dates, timelines, etc.), and your available resources, I can accurately evaluate your case. 


  With the answers to these questions I can accurately develop a quote that is in line with your needs. Also, your answers will help me determine which investigative methods are most appropriate and reasonable for your budget.  


6.) If I were a customer looking for a PI, what would I wish I knew about the PI profession? 


- That private detectives in Illinois are regulated and licensed by the state. Some detectives, like other professionals, make mistakes or commit unethical and/or improper conduct. The state of Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation ( licenses, investigates, and disciplines private detectives. 


7.) Any inside secrets to share?

- Disciplinary information about detectives is available on This site offers information about all licensed professionals in Illinois (doctors, RNs, CNAs, dentists, security guards, barbers, etc.) 


- Try not to select a private detective based solely on their fees. Reason: inexperienced detectives use lower fee structures to win over new clients. Often their fees don't take into account the real costs associated with conducting a meaningful and effective investigation. 


- If you suspect your lover or spouse of being unfaithful, resist the urge hire an investigator to conduct surveillance. Reason: surveillance typically is the most expensive investigative service. Observing another's activities discreetly can quickly overwhelm your investigation budget.


- Instead, use your investigative budget to locate and document the Target's "Rathole Money." Rathole money is money the target hides from their spouse, partner, family accounts, etc, and uses for secret liaisons and activities (gambling, "toys", paramours, etc.). 


For more information contact Paladin "Pj" Jordan, PCI, CPP, at 312.600.0311 or email:

Licensed In Illinois and Indiana



Holder of 2 Private Detective Licenses: 

  1. Illinois Private Detective Agency License: 117.001646

  2. Illinois Private Detective License: 115.00231

Two International Certifications:

  1. Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), Credential #: 14657, through the American Society for Industrial Security, International, (ASIS)

  2. Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Credential # 14653, through the American Society for Industrial Security, International, (ASIS).   


Illinois State Police Investigative Commander.

1.   Graduated from the Illinois State Police Academy 1979 - Cadet Class #62

2.   Promoted to Sergeant 1997

3.   Promoted to Master Sergeant 2000

4.  Graduate, Northwestern University's School of  Police Staff and Command

5.   Promoted to Investigative Commander 2007

6.   Retired 2008. ID # 2629


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