Prepping for the Illinois Private Security Contractor or Private Detective License tests

The most challenging aspect in obtaining private detective and private security contractor licenses in Illinois is passing the pre-licensing, subject matter examinations. 

Many folks who have dreamed of becoming licensed, security and investigation professionals have become frustrated after their plans are postponed because they failed the licensing test. 

Imagine how you would feel if your dream is pushed back six months or more?


You've got a top-notch business plan, have arranged financing, and networked with some potential clients. Now, because you failed the licensing exam, you have to wait another six months to take the test again. Not only that, but because you failed, your self-confidence has been "zinged." 


Starting a new business is risky and stressful enough without worrying about passing a 75-question subject matter examination. 


The State of Illinois licensing examinations are very challenging for several reasons.


First, the test content includes Illinois criminal and civil law, federal law, and IDFPR rules and regulations.


Additionally, you will be tested on criminal investigations and/or security principles, terms, and concepts, you may not be familiar with. 

Don't underestimate these tests like I did in 2011. Before taking the test, I assumed my law enforcement background and a brief review of the study materials were all I needed to pass the 75 question test.


I was wrong-I failed. I took the test content and test prep for granted. Consequently, after failing, I had to wait another six months to try again.


Plus, I had to alter my study methods to ensure I was ready for the test. In March 2012 I took the test again and passed - with a perfect score.

My kits include 500+ practice test Q&As. The kits also include "audio flash cards", terms and definitions, cheat sheets, reading materials, tips and strategies, IDFPR rules and regs, and online practice quizzes. 

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Don’t underestimate this test! The timing and success of your business depends on it!


Private Detective Paladin “Pj” Jordan, CPP

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